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Infralex was ranked in "Dispute resolution" category, tier 1 by Russian leading law firms ranking "Pravo-300".

The projects Infralex accomplished for the last 12 months were also highlighted in "Corporate Law\M&A", "Commercial estate\Construction", "Antitrust law", "Bankruptcy", "PPP\Infrastructure" categories.
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Contract repudiation payment and indemnity in bankruptcy cases

The 2015 reform of the Russian law of obligations (changes to the relevant section of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter – the Civil Code) came into force on June 1, 2015) may have a major impact on bankruptcy proceedings. The implementation of the new legal doctrines has only just begun, yet the first cases to reach the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation have already revealed major issues.

The status of the pledge creditor in the bankruptcy proceedings

The status of the creditor whose claims are secured by means of a pledge (hereinafter referred to as a “pledge creditor”) in the bankruptcy proceedings is often named as the privileged one. This status provides not only the “privileges” to such a creditor but also imposes a number of serious restrictions in comparison to the status of a regular bankruptcy creditor.

Infralex Associate Yan Bagaev explains intricacies of the pledge creditor position according to Russian Bankruptcy legislation.


Restructuring & Insolvency in Russia

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INFRALEX helped LITOKOL S.P.A. to increase its share of Russian aggregate industry company.

In December 2016 LITOKOL S.P.A., the leading manufacturer of construction materials, purchased equity interest in Russian distribution network entity and increased the share of its participation in this Russian holding company that consolidates building products manufacturing facilities. Parties to the transaction also provided each other with options to the participatory interest in the share capital of the distribution network entity that can be exercised until 2020. INFRALEX Corporate Law and M&A practice team led by partner Artem Kukin provided legal advice for the transaction.


Not a gift

Infralex partner Artem Kukin has commented to the website “” on the case related to restructuring of debt (№ 305-ЭС16-12298). The courts of lower instances considered a debt relief as a gift agreement which is prohibited between commercial organizations. The Russian Supreme Court reversed this decision and explained the difference between gift and restructuring. The Supreme Court referred to the practice of the Higher Arbitrazh (Commercial) Court. 


Bankruptcy year in the Russian Supreme Court

Infralex partner Artem Kukin has taken part in summarizing the activity of the Judicial Chamber on Economic Disputes of the Russian Supreme Court in 2016. The research has been hosted by the website “”. Almost a third of the cases reached the Supreme Court relates to the bankruptcy, these cases were the most interesting for practice. Artem Kukin believes this is due to the economic situation. At the same time bankruptcy cases reveal the most complicated Civil and Corporate Law problems. 


Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Infralex team whole-hearted congratulates everybody with the upcoming holidays! We wish you the peace, goodness, well-being and legal certainty in the 2017 Year! “That'll go off all right” – this slogan was written on the firm’s cake. These words were the motto of the corporate, these words articulated the Infralex partners Artem Kukin, Alexey Popov, Artur Rokhlin congratulating the colleagues. We believe things will come right.


Single system of real estate registration – step to sole subject

On the 1st of January’2017 the new Law “On the State Registration of Real Estate” (the Law) will come into force. The Law shall unify the Federal system of the state registration of rights to real estate and the State Real Estate Cadastre. The Law provides in Russia the single system of real estate registration – it was one of the main principles of the Civil Law Development Concept. In perspective the Law shall provide a background for implementation of another significant principle – superficies solo cedit. It means a sole real estate subject including parcel of land end every building upon it. Infralex attorney Irina Zimina analyzed the most substantial provisions of the new Law in the context of the judicial practice (see the attached file).

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