What a lawyer needs to know about preparing and conducting cadastral work

The result of such work is documents that include data for the state cadastral registration of real estate.

The objects of cadastral work are:


buildings, structures, premises;

construction in progress;

other real estate subject to accounting.

Enter into a cadastral contract only with a trusted engineer

A special person - a cadastral engineer is entitled to conduct activities. The legislator makes a number of demands on him, including on education and membership in a self-regulatory organization. Information about engineers can be found in a special registry. If the company plans to order work, it is necessary to check the status of a specialist. Only a cadastral engineer who is registered as an individual entrepreneur or acting as an employee of a legal entity is entitled to perform cadastral work (letter of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia dated 05/27/2019 No. 16648-VA / D23i). It must be a member of the SRO (Article 29 of Law No. 221-FZ)

The cadastral engineer travels to the area and takes measurements, which is confirmed by the field work journal. The task of the engineer under the contract for cadastral works is to determine the coordinates of the characteristic points of the borders, parts of the contours of objects. Specialist:

processes the results

calculates the area of objects

compiles a location description,

Coordinates the location of the boundaries of the land.

The engineer can additionally establish the location of the object through a spatial description, including taking into account the height or depth of such structural elements.

The result of cadastral work is a boundary plan, technical plan or inspection report (Article 37 of Law No. 221-FZ, letter of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia dated 05.22.2015 No. D23i-2365).

An engineer performs work on the basis of an agreement (Article 35 of Law No. 221-FZ). By agreement, the parties may detail the subject. For example, indicate a topographic survey. Or register the result of the work that they plan to achieve (decision of the Autonomous Republic of Sverdlovsk Region in case No. A60-22221 / 2017 of 07/14/2017).





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