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Infralex announces a new partner joining the firm

The partner is Maxim Rovinsky, who previously headed the practice of tax and customs law in one of the major Russian law firms

State preferences in bankruptcy cases

On the 20th of December the Russian Supreme Court adopted a number of important regulations related to bankruptcy. It will be more simple to initiate bankruptcy cases against debtors, insolvency officer’s responsibility will be strengthened, the state will increase opportunities to recover statutory payments.

Economic decisions of the Russian Constitutional Court

Infralex took part in the newspaper “KommersantЪ”special project on choosing the most significant decision s of the Russian Constitutional Court in economic area. The decisions have been held for 25 years of the Court’s activity. The expert chose the 14 decisions related to taxes, right to housing, liquidation of companies, payment of damages to shareholders, courts of private arbitration. The today’s publication of the special project has been timed to the hearing of the case under the Ministry of Justice’s request. The Constitutional Court shall decide whether Russia must pay 1,9 bln euro compensation to formers YUKOS’s shareholders. The judgement about this compensation has been delivered by the European Court for Human Rights but the Russian Ministry of Justice believes that there are a number grounds for refusal to perform this judgement in Russia.


Real estate market changes the regulation

Infralex Head of real estate practice Sergey Shumilov spoke yesterday at the conference “Real estate of the XXI century: Yesterday! Today! Tomorrow!” hosted by the Moscow Business-Club for the market leaders. The new Law “On the State Registration of Real Estate” coming into force on the 1st of January’2017 has aroused great interest from developers. Sergey Shumilov told that this Law provides unification in the new register of real estate the data from the two current registers – the State Real Estate Cadastre and the Unified State Register of Rights. According to Sergey Shumilov the transition period is fraught with serious risks because the information in the both abovementioned registers often has discrepancies.


Tax authorities require 1 bln rub from “Taras Bulba” restaurants

Infralex head of practice Ivan Shienok has commented to the magazine “KommersantЪ Dengi” on the unexampled tax requirements for the restaurants with Ukrainian cuisine “Taras Bulba”. The tax requirements amount to 1 bln rub, the restaurants intend to dispute them. According to Ivan Shienok it’s always difficult in restaurant business to calculate expenses accurately. 


Beneficiary, open your face!

Legal entities in Russia will be obliged to collect, keep and disclose information about their beneficiary owners. The Law in question has been approved today by the Federation Council (№ 965365-6). Non-disclosure of the information in response to the state authorities’ request will entail an administrative fine up to 500 thousands of rubles. The Law considers beneficiaries as individuals being able to control the legal entities’ activity. The new rules can come into force in six months.


Custom duty for leasing subjects

Infralex head of practice Ivan Shienok has commented to the website “” on the practice concerning calculation of import duty for leasing subjects. Custom authorities estimate value for customs purposes taking into account finance lease repayment. As a result custom duties are increasing, courts’ decisions on such disputes are colliding. The Russian Supreme Court is trying to express a legal opinion.


The Russian Criminal Code doesn’t strength guarantees for real estate investors

The magazine “KommersantЪ-Vlast” has published today an article by Infralex attorney Artem Karakasiyan and analyst Olga Pleshanova. The article with the title “A real estate investor with no guarantee” says about the amendments of the Russian Criminal Code provided criminal responsibility for the breach of the Law on Real Estate Investments. According to the authors of the article the new Criminal Code rule shall not protect real estate investments suffered loss from bankruptcy of developers. 


Anniversary of disobedience

The magazine «KommersantЪ Vlast» has published today the article on the 20-years history and perspectives of the relations between Russia and the Council of Europe. The authors focused on the problem of the enforcement in Russia of the Europеan Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) decisions. Last year the Russian Constitutional Court expressed the position that in extraordinary circumstances the ECtHR decisions may be considered as not enforceable. Recently the Russian Ministry of Justice addressed to the Constitutional Court with the request on the enforceability of the ECtHR judgment related to the voting rights of convicted and sentenced prisoners. Infralex analyst Olga Pleshanova believes that the request can pave the way for the refusal to pay €1,9 bln to the former YUKOS shareholders.

Infralex has appeared in the tax case of “Mercury City Tower”

Law Firm Infralex has defended the interests of the CJSC “Mercury City Tower” in the tax dispute with the Federal tax agency's inspectorate № 1 in Moscow concerning profits tax in some mln rubles. The case has been considered by the Moscow Region Arbitrazh (Commercial) Court. The interests of “Mercury City Tower” represented Infralex head of tax practice, attorney Ivan Shienok and senior associate Yulia Pudych.

Infralex has got thanks from Doing Business

Infralex has got a grateful letter from the World Bank Group conducting the annual research and publishing the report Doing Business. The head of the Doing Business team expressed the gratitude to the Infralex lawyers for their contribution to the report Doing Business 2016 - Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency. The report was published on the 27th of October’2015. It’s the 13th edition which covers 189 economies (countries). The experts from these countries, including legal experts and business consultants had been engaged into the research.

Рrocedure reform out of the court

Today the magazine “KommersantЪ Vlast” has published the article “You will not be judged. The reform of the administrative procedures is moving from the courts to the governmental bodies”. The author of the article, Infralex analyst Olga Pleshanova exams the amendments to procedure for resolution of disputes between business and government. Now the Russian governmental bodies is actively developing pre-trial and out-of-court procedures. It promises new challenges for the Russian judicial system.
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