The Infralex team led by Partner of the firm, Attorney Alexey Popov, conducted a pilot Pro Bono draft legal option for schoolchildren. I made a jury and rendered a verdict in the criminal case of drug trafficking through the Internet. The case was based on real events, and the process in improvised Khorosud was as close as possible to the present provided for in the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation.

Moscow Khoroshkola was chosen as a platform for experiments, which in the future can be used in the all-Russian educational platform. The criminal case was selected on the topical topic: anonymous trade through the Internet, darknet sites, drugs, cache-bookmarks, calculations of Bitcoins, investigation with the participation of special services.

The lawyers of Infralex acted as professional participants in the trial and defendants. The schoolchildren were given the roles of jurors, as well as court officers. Journalists of Children 's Khoroshkol Television and the audience watched the process.

The case against the three defendants took three sessions: the schoolchildren passed the procedure of forming a jury panel, participated in the study of evidence, independently issued a verdict. The secret jury meeting was followed by bailiffs guarding the advisory room from outsiders.

During the consideration of the case children showed excellent logical thinking: asked completely non-monetary questions, without shy found weak points in positions of the parties and repeatedly forced adults to look for difficult answers. Despite the fact that about the real case, which served as the basis of the script, the schoolchildren did not know in advance, the verdict of the good-school jurors turned out to be close to the real sentence: the defendants - the organizer of drug trafficking and courier-bookers - were found guilty, but one of them deserved leniency.

Alexey Popov acted as a judge, during the process telling schoolchildren about the history and purpose of the jury trial. Attorneys Karina Tamayeva and Alexander Vasanov, Head of Analytical Service Olga Pleshanova, lawyers of Infralex participated in the process: Anna Danielyan, Martha Privalova, Mikhail Belov, Nikolay Gostev and Konstantine Kraulin.