Protecting сustomer 's interests in one of the biggest trademark disputes

Representing the largest publisher of educational literature in a trademark dispute

Creditor's representation in the bankrupсy deal

Representing the main developer of hotels and sports facilities of the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 in the bankruptcy case of one of his largest subcontractors

Support of the transaction on the acquisition of a stake in a Russian strategic asset by a foreign investor

Assisting in acquiring a stake in the strategic project of one of Russia’s largest oil and gas companies

Protection of Russia's interests in the WTO

Participation in the WTO dispute regarding Ukraine's claim about Russia's "systematic exclusion" of Ukrainian railway products from the Russian market

Audit of the highway project

Carrying out a technological and price audit of the PPP project

Representation client's interest in the land litigation

Representation company under a lawsuit filed by the international production and trading company to recover about 80 million rubles for violation of representations and warranties in respect of the land acquired by the plaintiff

Legal support of the innovation digital educational platform

Supporting the innovative education project which has been developing a new education program for Russian schools based on a digital platform

Advising on the sale of a stake to a foreign investor

Advising one of the largest aggregators selling air tickets in the Russian Federation, on the sale of 25% interest to the largest China’s touristic online platform

Representing creditor interests in the bankrupcy deal

Representation of a construction company in collecting more than $ 12 million in debt from a bankrupt airline

Conduct legal audit of intellectual property portfolio

Conducting a legal audit of a portfolio of intellectual property as part of the provision of legal assistance for the audit.

Legal support of tax monitoring

Comprehensive legal advice to the largest Russian telecommunication operator as part of the tax monitoring procedure

Tax advice on taxation of digital services

Infralex advised a Russian company of a major international telecommunications holding regarding a business-critical tax issue

Arrangement of corporate conflict

Providing support for a group of shareholders of the company in resolving the five-year corporate conflict between the two groups of shareholders in the amount of more than USD 10 million

Protection of right for a trademark

Representation of the client`s interests in protecting its right to a trademark, which was contested by the plaintiff

Сontesting a FAS refusal to approve a transaction

Representation of major Russian cargo railway carrier in the contestation of FAS Russia decision to refuse to agree on the transaction to acquire 100% shares in the authorized capital of another company

Trademark protection

Representation of the interests of a state-owned academic institution in a case regarding the protection of its trademark

Support client in the field tax audit

Legal and tax advice to a subsidiary of holding, specializing in rail transportation of oil and oil products

Challenging tax audit results

Representation of the large transport and logistics holding during the field tax audit as well as in pre-trial settlement of tax disputes

Private concession initiative support

Support of the client in negotiations with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation on a private concession initiative to create a high-speed railway in Ural region

Protection of the interests of the owner in a property dispute

Representation of the interests of the owner of the multifunctional shopping and entertainment center in the dispute about the ownership of the center's equipment as part of an indivisible thing

Protection from subsidiary liability

Successful protection of the state-owned company against the bankruptcy receiver`s requirement about attraction to subsidiary liability

Aircraft holding reorganization

Supporting of the reorganization of the largest aircraft holding in Russia

Legal Due Diligence of Russian assets for the global M&A deal

Comprehensive legal  due diligence of the Russian assets

Decrease in cadastral cost

Reduction in cadastral value of office space in Mercury City Tower

Forensic to identify lost profits

Infralex lawyers carried out forensic the large company in the sphere of the international logistics 

Protecting a Federal Public Servant charged with fraud

Infralex attorneys protected the federal public servant accused of fraud by the hiring of "dead souls" in subordinated establishment.

Protection of a professional athlete from charges of fraud

Infralex attorneys defended the professional athlete, a member of the national team, whom the former club accused of fraud.

Representing the interests of legal entity as a victim and civil plaintiff

Infralex attorneys represented the interests of the one of the leader of Russian aircraft industry as the victim and the civil claimant in connection with causing damage criminal acts of top managers.

Protection of the entrepreneur from criminal prosecution

Infralex attorneys protected the businessman concerning whom investigation into the allegation of the business partner about illegal uses of the trademark was excited and also investigation verification according to the claim of fraud is initiated.

Representation in divorce, division of property and child dispute case

Representation of the interests of the spouse in court as a plaintiff in a case on termination of marriage, division of property, recovery of maintenance for the spouse and a minor child and determination of the place of residence of the child

Protecting the interests of a minority shareholder in a corporate conflict

Attorneys of Infralex stopped violation of minority shareholder rights

Removal of arrest from shares of a subsidiary of an aircraft corporation

Attorneys of Infralex assisted in removing the arrest from the shares of a subsidiary of the aircraft holding company

Protecting the interests of a large freight carrier during investigative actions

Attorneys of Infralex represented the interests of a large freight carrier in conducting investigative actions in a criminal case brought against a top manager

Protecting the interests of a large pharmaceutical company during investigative actions

Attorneys of Infralex defended the interests of large pharmaceutical companies in connection with the initiation of a criminal case against the former head of the regional unit for giving a bribe

Representation of the interests of victims in the criminal case of the crash of Boeing-737 in 2013 in Kazan

Attorneys of Infralex represented the interests of foreign citizens, relatives of Boeing who died in a plane crash - 737

Protection of an entrepreneur accused of fraud

Attorneys of Infralex defended an entrepreneur accused of fraud on the basis of false statements

Representation of the interests of the airline in a criminal case

Attorneys of Infralex successfully defended the interests of the airline in the criminal case of giving a bribe

Defense of the vice president of the state corporation against fraud charges

Attorneys of Infralex defended the top manager of the state corporation from criminal prosecution

Amendments to the Land and Urban Planning Codes

Infralex lawyers have developed a series of amendments to the Land and Urban Planning Codes in order to enable the development of railway territories

Development of antitrust compliance

Infralex lawyers have developed antitrust compliance for the largest publishing house of educational literature

Victory in a precedent-setting dispute on determining the children’s place of residence

The Infralex family and inheritance law practice team, led by lawyer Irina Zimina, won a precedent-setting dispute on determining the place of residence of minor children

Victory in a precedent-setting dispute on marital property division

The appellate court ruled in favor of our trustee and awarded her ownership of the entire apartment, obliging her to pay her ex-husband compensation for his share of the right.

Alimony recovery dispute

Advising the principal in the case of collecting alimony for the maintenance of minor children from the ex-spouse.

Invalidation of a will dispute

The Infralex team represented the interests of the defendant in court. A post-mortem forensic psychiatric examination was carried out in the case at the National Medical Research Center for Psychiatry and Narcology named after V.P. Serbsky, which fully confirmed the legal capacity of the testator at the time of drawing up the will.

Determination of the child’s place of residence

Infralex lawyers represented the interests of the child's father, a foreign citizen. During the consideration of the case, the court was presented with reliable evidence of the fact that the child’s mother has not been caring for the child for a long time, is not involved in his upbringing and maintenance, and that the child’s father has completely taken care of him. The guardianship and trusteeship authority supported the claim of the child's father in full.