A pre-trial appeal against the decisions of regulatory authorities: review of the experiment

On July 3, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation initiated an anticorruption expert examination of the draft resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation on conducting an experiment in Russia on pre-trial appeal of decisions of control (supervisory) bodies, actions/inactivities of their officials.

Daria Solomatina, the lawyer of the Infralex bankruptcy practice, commented on the draft resolution of the Russian Government on conducting an experiment to appeal against the decisions of the controlling (supervisory) authorities, actions/inactivities of their officials.

In Daria's opinion, pre-trial appeal is a rather ambiguous institution. From the point of view of simplification of the procedure, reduction of time and financial costs it can have a positive impact on the subjects who were able to reach a compromise with its help.

On the other hand, interaction in this way with higher authorities, if mandatory, could prolong the process of contesting a decision, making it an additional barrier to direct judicial proceedings.

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