The Prometheus Myth as an Example of Cartel and the future of Private Antitrust Litigation in Russia.

On 22 October, Infralex partner Artur Rokhlin spoke at the Forbes Congress event "Best Antimonopoly Practices 2021".
Artur was invited to speak in two sessions. In the first session, which opened the conference and was devoted to competition practices in advanced antitrust jurisdictions, Artur explained the operation of Articles 11 and 16 of the Federal Law "On Protection of Competition" on the example of the myth of Prometheus.

TO find out why Prometheus is a symbol of progressive entrepreneurship, why fire is the basis of economics, how the gods of Olympus organised a cartel and why Hercules mediated between Prometheus and Zeus at: (from the 19th minute, Russian language).

In the fourth session of the conference Arthur commented on the thorny topic of private antitrust lawsuits using the example of the high-profile Renaissance Credit lawsuit against MTS to recover damages due to the cost of sms-informing. To see if there is any hope for the institution of private antitrust suits to develop and what we should expect from the courts at this point, please follow this link: (from 42nd minute, Russian Language).