Legal500 confirmed the position of Infralex in the nominations:

PPP and infrastructure projects TIER:3

Recommended: Alexey Popov, Dmitry Ivanov, Maxim Chernigovsky.

Commercial, corporate and M&a: Moscow TIER:4

Recommended: Artem Kukin, Arthur Rokhlin, Julia Eremenko

Competition TIER:4

Recommended: Arthur Rokhlin, Elena Kuznetsova, Maria Kot

Dispute resolution: Litigation TIER:4

Recommended: Julia Karpova, Mikhail Gusev, Alexey Popov

Tax TIER 4

Recommended: Alexey Popov, Maxim Rovinsky, Ivan Shiyonok, Nadezhda Danilenko.

Legal500 first included Infralex in the nomination: Restructuring & insolvency, TIER:5 and recommended Artem Kukin and Stanislav Petrov as lawyers in the field of insolvency and bankruptcy.

Dmitry Ivanov is noted for Legal500 as a Next generation partner.