An overview of current events in the industry in January 2020 from the "Infrastructure. Transport. PPP" practice

Infralex practice “Infrastructure. Transport. PPP " prepared an information letter that highlights current industry events in January 2020.

Among the topics of the newsletter is a new bill on the all-Russian housing renovation, progress in the discussion of the new bill draft on investment defense, recent judicial practice in the field of PPP, as well as a review of current market news.

The partner of the practice, Maxim Chernigovsky, as well as lawyers Rodion Makin, Vyacheslav Matuzov, Konstantin Kraulin and Nikolai Gostev took part in the work on the preparation of the information letter.

We hope that you will find the information presented interesting and useful in your work.

Full Russian language version of the review you can read in the "special review" section.