Infralex partner Arthur Rokhlin speaks at Forbes Congress conference "Best Antitrust Practices 2020". The attorney's speech touched on the cornerstone topic of post-COVID apntimonal reality - the obvious growth of monopolism in the economy, which entails limiting competition. Arthur Rokhlin elaborated on the priority measures that the antimonopoly authority should take to prevent supermonopolism as a national idea or national project. Qualitative assessment of commodity markets, including modification of analysis criteria (especially for online trading), careful control of public procurement in order to support small and medium-sized businesses, a balanced tariff policy that does not allow shifting the losses of monopolies to the shoulders of consumers of their services, participation of antitrust authorities in civil litigation in order to protect the interests of the party affected by antitrust violations - this is, according to Partner of Infralex, far from a complete list of necessary measures to maintain a competitive environment in the current conditions.