The INFRALEX Partner, Yulia Karpova shared the experience of resolving corporate conflicts at the conference organized by the Russian Corporate Counsel Assosiation

According to Yulia Karpova: "A thin world is better than a good fight, any corporate conflict eventually ends with a settlement". It means, that the effectiveness of the solution depends directly on how much time, effort and funds the parties will spend searching for it.

The basic principle - "Agree on the shore" - means that in the formation of the corporate structure it is necessary to ensure the understanding that "at any length of time we should have leverage over the activities of the organization, it is available to us and regulated by the Charter and the Corporate Agreement"- said the lawyer.

The INFRALEX Partner has identified the following conflict resolution mechanism:

  • Preservation of Status quo, "saving" of asset (real estate, contracts, etc)
  • Obtaining information
  • Restoration of property and control.
  • In the course of her speech, Yulia Karpova illustrated her theses with concrete examples from the current activities of the INFRALEX Dispute Resolution Practice.

    According to the results of the speech, the speaker answered numerous questions of the participants of the conference.