Development of antitrust compliance


The largest publishing house of educational literature turned to Infralex for legal assistance in the development and implementation of antimonopoly compliance

Actions taken

Lawyers of Infralex conducted an analysis of antitrust risks, prepared a map of antitrust risks, developed an antitrust policy


The antimonopoly policy and procedures developed by Infralex lawyers were highly appreciated by the FAS of Russia. According to the antimonopoly regulator, the policy provides for transparent rules for the interaction of the dominant business entity with counterparties, as well as provisions aimed at building a bona fide price and non-price policy of the company in the textbook market. The documents developed by Infralex not only take into account the peculiarities of the business and guarantee the publishing house to reduce the risks of claims of the antimonopoly authority, but also make it possible to significantly reduce the operational risks of the company and protect it from negative consequences caused by unfair actions of others.