Arrangement of corporate conflict


Infralex provided support for a group of shareholders of the company - the largest producer of milk in the Moscow region in resolving the five-year corporate conflict between the two groups of shareholders in the amount of more than USD 10 million.

The long-lasting conflict was detrimental to the factory’s operations as the two shareholder groups conducted parallel shareholder meetings, appointed different management bodies, sued each other and challenged each other’s ownership rights.

Actions taken

After working for solutions to the conflict, taking into account the balance of interests of the parties, Infralex lawyers organized and conducted negotiations, as a result of which has been prepared and agreed upon a set of documents (including share purchase agreement and documents to reduce the total share capital via share buyback procedure). Despite the fact that the parties were close to making a deal, they refused to sign it at the very last moment.

In this regard, our experts began the negotiation work anew, including the formation of negotiation groups, the agenda, protocols and tables of disagreements, fixed conditions and interim agreements of the parties.


Thanks to the work done by Infralex lawyers, a completely new share purchase agreement was drawn up, which was finally adopted by both conflicting parties and allowed our client to become a 100% owner of the dairy factory. Thus, we were able to resolve many years of corporate conflict in favor of our client.