Amendments to the Land and Urban Planning Codes


As part of the strategy to improve the efficiency of the investment and property management processes the State Corporation sought legal assistance in changing the model of railway therritories development management.

The corporation has a large number of land plots that can be involved in investment projects for the development of station complexes and/or the urban environment. In order to involve such sites in investment projects aimed at the development of station complexes and/or the urban environment around them, a legally fixed algorithm for changing VRI and re-issuing lease agreements for new purposes of using land plots, while maintaining the operability and safety of railway transport infrastructure, is necessary.

Actions taken

Infralex lawyers have developed a package of amendments to the Land, Urban Planning Codes and federal legislation and accompany their public discussion.


The implementation of the project will make it possible to involve unused territories in commercial circulation, which will make it possible to form socially significant infrastructure facilities and new jobs throughout Russia.