Representation in divorce, division of property and child dispute case


The spouse of a foreign citizen (Russian citizen) asked INFRALEX to represent her in the Russian court in a case on dissolution of marriage, division of property acquired during the marriage, recovery of maintenance for the spouse and for the maintenance of a minor child, and determination of the child's place of residence. The client's spouse is a foreign citizen, is in Russia as a highly qualified specialist (HQS), and the minor child is a citizen of Russia and a foreign state (EU).

Actions taken

INFRALEX lawyers represented the interests of the spouse in court, negotiated with the spouse on the peaceful resolution of the dispute, developed a strategy for court proceedings and peace negotiations, and advised the spouses in the process of entering into their marriage contract.


In the course of the judicial review of the dispute, as a result of the strategy developed by Infralex lawyers, the spouses were able to reach an agreement on all disputed issues, they concluded a marriage contract at a notary, determined the place of residence of the child by a court decision (the defendant expressed his consent to the establishment of the place of residence of the child with the spouse), the spouse refused to make claims for divorce, division of property, recovery of maintenance for the spouse and a minor child in connection with the full reconciliation of the spouses and the peal.

At the moment the spouses are again living together and raising a child.