Legal support of the innovation digital educational platform


Infralex is supporting the innovative education project which has been developing a new education program for Russian schools based on a digital platform, using the best practices in Finland, the UK and Singapore and realizing it on the request of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The project will be implemented as a PPP. The first stage includes a pilot project in several schools in ten regions of Russia.

Actions taken

We provide legal support to the project. In particular, we:


The new program will allow comprehending the school program faster and in addition, will improve the development of technical and communication skills of children which the current program lacks. This program will replace the current education system in Russia. If successful, it will be rolled out in all schools in Russia which wish to join the program. As part of this project, 10,000 public schools in Russia will be renovated and obtain new equipment to fit the new program; over one million teachers will undergo training.