Representing creditor interests in the bankrupcy deal


Infralex represented the interests of a construction company (creditor) in terms of recovery of debt from an airline company over USD 12 million under the bankruptcy procedures.

Actions taken

Infralex lawyers have developed a complex and unique strategy on the recovery of debt from the debtor in favor of the client, which included a number of major actions in terms of the debtor’s bankruptcy case and beyond it.

In the bankruptcy case, the Infralex lawyers sought inclusion of the client’s claims into the registry of the debtor’s creditors’ claims. Beyond this case, in a separate proceeding, the lawyers sought recovery of the remaining part of debt having qualified it as a current payment.

For implementing this strategy, the Infralex lawyers provided a broad spectrum of services to the client representing its interests in the bankruptcy case, at creditors’ meetings and in a separate proceeding.


Infralex lawyers have managed to successfully develop a strategy of recovery of debt in favor of the client: in the bankruptcy case of the airline company the court included the debt of the airline company towards the client into the registry of claims, and the remaining part of debt was recovered in terms of a separate proceeding. Thus, in favor of the client`s interests were successfully recovered the debt in the amount of more than USD 12 million.