White-collar crime

The attorneys of Criminal Law practice represent the interests of principals in criminal cases in the sphere of white-collar crime including economic, tax, corruption and professional crimes. They also protect businesses from the duress and interference of law enforcement bodies. Their significant experience in various areas of work in criminal matters and comprehensive examination of projects enable them to protect the clients from the risks of criminal prosecution, as well as to develop an effective line of defense for principals from unreasonable charges.

Key Services:

  • Representation of interests during investigative action
  • Protection of suspects and charged defendants throughout all stages of criminal prosecution, including preliminary investigation, trial, appeal and execution of sentence
  • Representation of the interests of victims and witnesses in criminal matters
  • Conducting internal investigations into alleged violations within organizations
  • Verification of documentation and activities of companies in order to identify and minimize the risks of criminal prosecution of the employees
  • Assessment of the consequences of transactions in the context of criminal law
  • Advisory support for company employees on engagement with law enforcement and regulatory authorities
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Attorney of Criminal Law practice and procedure
Attorney of Criminal Law practice and procedure