At the RCCA practical conference "Critical Business Errors: How to Avoid Them and How to Use Them," Infralex Partner Yulia Karpova presented a methodological approach to collecting and preparing evidence, as well as to calculating the amount of damage in disputes over the right to intellectual property objects on the Internet. In speech, Julia revealed one of the most relevant topics in the fast-growing market for the protection of intellectual property when using it on the Internet. Infralex Partner's speech aroused great interest of the conference participants. Today, the Internet has become the most significant channel for disseminating information and the number of disputes related to the use and dissemination of information on the Web is steadily growing. According to We Are Social and Hootsuite, published in their annual report on the state of the digital sphere Global Digital 2021: - Almost half a billion new users on social networks and 1.3 billion years spent on the Internet for 2020, trillions of dollars spent in online stores. - The Internet penetration rate is now 59.5%. - Russians spend on the Internet 7 hours 52 minutes per day.