November 13, 2020 the head of the Bankruptcy Practice of Infralex, attorney Stanislav Petrov spoke at the conference "Bankruptcy - 2020: realities and forecasts," organized by Pravo.ru.

In his speech, Stanislav touched on one of the most sensitive topics of bankruptcy practice - the responsibility of controlling persons and how to protect them.

The speaker noted the geometric increase in the number of cases of holding controlling persons accountable in recent years, illustrated by practical examples the tendency to expand the list of such persons at the expense of relatives of beneficiaries and top business managers, as well as other company officials.

Infralex attorney shared the methodology and practical experience of holding controlling persons accountable as part of bankruptcy, rightly noting that conscientious behavior both in the operational work of management and in the process of bankruptcy proceedings is the main factor in minimizing the risks of bringing to subsidiary liability.

Stanislav's speech aroused genuine interest and heated discussion of the audience.