Within the framework of cooperation with PJSC "SBERBANK," the lawyers of Infralex headed by Partner Artem Kukin held a training seminar for representatives of 15 regional banks of Sberbank on the search for debtor assets in various jurisdictions.

The partner Artem Kukin, the Head  of Bankruptcy Stanislav Petrov and attorney Sergey Hukhorev shared experience of Asset Tracing and Asset Recovery in Russia, Great Britain, the USA, in Cyprus and in other countries of the European Union, including: experience of recognition of solutions of the Russian judjments abroad and foreign judjments in Russia and also algorithms of search of assets taking into account features of the legislation and law-enforcement practice of the different countries.
The experience of Infralex Bankruptcy Practice in terms of asset search and assents recovery abroad is unique. In particular, the Infralex lawyers managed to obtain a decision on recognition by the Court in the case of bankruptcy in the USA in accordance with Chapter 15 of Title 11 of the Code of Laws of the USA of the Russian proceedings on bankruptcy of the citizen of the Russian Federation in the territory of the USA. This judicial act led to the prohibition of the debtor from taking any action against its assets in the United States, giving the debtor 's financial manager the authority to dispose of these assets. To date, there are only two judicial acts on recognition of Russian proceedings in the case of bankruptcy of a person in the United States, 4 judicial acts on recognition of Russian proceedings in the world. One of them is the result of the work of Infralex lawyers. The successful representation of the client allowed to suppress the debtor 's actions on disposal of his assets and to win a dispute in the District Court of the USA. The firm 's lawyers also identified grounds for filing a claim for damages from the controlling bankruptcy of the person in court in England - the main place of residence of the controlling person and the location of his assets.
The seminar was held in the mode of video conference in the AGILE-office of PJSC "Sberbank." As a result of the event, employees of territorial banks gained knowledge applicable in their daily work on debt collection and preparation of credit agreements with clients of the Bank.